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Sage Term Life Insurance —
get up to $1 million of coverage

If you’re looking for affordable life insurance protection with rates that will never increase during the term period you choose, Sage Term may be right for you.

Icon representing term life premium levels
A choice of 10-, 15- and 20-year
level-premium terms

Icon of blue ribbon, representing guarantee
Guaranteed level premiums
for the term you choose

Icon of age 95 in a circle
A level death benefit that
remains the same to age 95

Icon of nursing home
Built-in protection to help cover nursing home care1 and terminal illness

Icon of pencil and wrench, representing the ability to customize
The ability to customize your policy with optional features to fit your lifestyle and family needs

Icon of a rocket taking off, respresenting the "rocket speed" of Sagicor's Accelewriting® process.

Get insured at the rocket
speed of Accelewriting®

There’s nothing as fast and easy as Sagicor’s proven Accelewriting process. Click through your online application, get a decision, and receive your policy electronically with eDelivery. Best of all — you’ll avoid the hassles of medical exams2, blood tests and uncomfortable telephone interviews.

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Your needs change.
Why shouldn't your coverage?

Things happen in your life. Whether you buy a new home, have children or get promoted, your responsibilities change, and so should your insurance coverage. Plus, someday you may want to have a policy that offers life insurance protection and growth opportunities, so you can build a cash reserve for your future.

With a Sage Term Life policy, you have the flexibility to convert to any Sagicor permanent life insurance policy — that’s available for conversion — without any approval process.

Not sure whether to buy a term
or whole life policy?

Depending on your needs, you may only need life insurance for a specific period of time, or you may want the assurance of having insurance protection and growth opportunities for the rest of your life. Learn the differences between term and whole life insurance.

If you’d like higher amounts of coverage,
please call us at 888-472-4426.


Policy Features Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance
Financial protection that lasts a lifetime No Yes
Coverage amounts available online Up to $1 million Up to $250,000
Fixed premiums that never change Yes Yes
Guaranteed cash value growth No Yes
Cost Less expensive than whole life More expensive than term
A federal income tax-free death benefit Yes Yes