Peace Assured Final Expense
Whole Life Insurance — get up
to $35,000 of coverage

While you may not think about it, you probably wouldn’t want to burden your loved ones with final expenses — especially at a time when they’re missing you. Final expenses can include funeral costs, medical bills and outstanding debt that needs to be paid shortly after the passing of a loved one. In fact, many funeral homes require payment before the memorial service is held.

When you purchase a Peace Assured policy, you help make sure your loved ones have sufficient financial resources at a time when you wouldn’t want them to be worried about money. Plus, your loved ones can use any remaining proceeds however they see fit — maybe to start a college fund for your grandchildren or add cash to a savings account.

Icon of parents with a child waiving their hands
A timely, tax-free death benefit payout that makes cash readily available for your family

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Coverage amounts to fit your budget

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Affordable rates that will never increase

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Tax-deferred guaranteed cash value growth for your future

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Built-in protection that pays a lump sum for terminal illness