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Why buy life insurance?

Life insurance can help protect your family and ensure they enjoy the lifestyle you planned for them.

Some policies provide coverage for final expenses, while others can be a source of income replacement, business protection or an inheritance for your children and grandchildren. Whole life insurance combines death benefit protection with additional benefits, like giving you the ability to accumulate cash value over time, so you can have a federal income tax-free cash reserve, accessible through policy loans, to use for whatever you’d like. 1

$ 000,000

the estimated cost to raise a child
from birth through age 17 2

$ 00,000

what you could expect to pay for a traditional funeral 3

$ 000,000

annual cost to replace the value of
a stay-at-home parent 4

$ 000.00 billion

total charitable contributions in the U.S. in 2019, one
of the highest years for giving on record 5

$ 00 donation

the amount donated to a deserving charity
when you purchase a policy 6 Learn more

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*Tobacco or nicotine products include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, nicotine patches or gums.

You must be age 45+ to qualify for a Peace Assured Final Expense Whole Life Insurance policy.

Sage Term Life, Sage Whole Life and Peace Assured are not available in all states.

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What life insurance can do for you

It gives you the peace of mind of knowing you can enjoy life — because you’ve planned for whatever the future may bring. With life insurance, you’ve got it covered, whether you want:

Mortgage protection
for your family
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Mortgage protection

Income replacement while your children are still dependent on you
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Income replacement

The financial means to replace the contributions of a stay-at-home spouse
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Family protection

A way to ensure that your family business continues to the next generation
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Business protection

A lasting memory of a college fund for your grandchildren
Icon of a graduation cap

College funding

A meaningful gift donated to a special cause or institution you believe in
Icon of two hands clasped designed to appear as a heart

Charitable gift

The opportunity to build a cash resource for your future
Icon of gears turning

Cash resource

Choosing the right policy

The benefits and features of term, whole life and final expense whole life insurance are different. Find out what each policy can do for you.

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