Which policy is right for you?

Whether you want financial protection for a specific time period, affordable lifetime protection or money available for your relatives for final expenses, here’s a summary of Sagicor’s term, whole life, and final expense insurance products.

Sage Term Life Insurance
Coverage amounts from
$1 Million

Level-premium term insurance protection for your choice
of 10, 15 or 20 years.

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Sage Whole Life Insurance
Coverage amounts from

Lifetime insurance protection
that offers guaranteed
cash value growth.

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Coverage amounts from

Final expense whole life insurance for individuals, ages 50+, that offers a timely death benefit payout.

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Still not sure?

Consider the following examples.

Icon of a couple, representing Leon and Ria with a shield in the background

Why Leon and Ria choose term life insurance

Leon and Ria’s mortgage will be paid off within the next 10 years.

What they want:

Added financial protection until the mortgage is paid off

What they're looking at:

A 10-year Sage Term Life Insurance policy for Leon and one for Ria

Icon of a woman, representing Gail with a shield in the background

Why Gail wants whole life insurance

Gail has some term life insurance with her employer, but if she leaves her job, her policy will be terminated. Gail wants to have a permanent policy she can depend on.

What she wants:

Life insurance protection that will last a lifetime

What she's looking at:

A Sage Whole Life Insurance policy

Icon of a woman, age 65, representing Linda with a shield in the background

Why Linda buys final expense life insurance

Linda lost her husband several years ago. She remembers scrambling to get everything in place when he passed suddenly. Linda wants to make sure her children don’t have to go through that.

What she wants:

Final expense protection

What she's looking at:

A Peace Assured Final Expense Whole Life Insurance policy

Buy a Sagicor policy and support our mission to help families, friends and neighbors

When you purchase insurance from SagicorNow, Sagicor Life Insurance Company will make a financial donation1 to a deserving charity in your community

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